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Did you just finish the new build or remodeling project you started months ago? We know that this is an exciting time and the only thing you want to do is move in. However, before you start your new journey and choose how you want to decorate the new indoor areas, you need to ensure everything is clean. Our post-construction cleaning services guarantee that every speck of dust is removed from your property in Steamboat Springs, CO.

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Remove Fine Dust to Prevent Allergies

It is normal to see pieces of materials and dust flying around during a new build or renovation. Fine dust is hard to detect with the naked eye, and it is the main cause of allergies. That’s why we recommend an after-construction clean-up. At Finally Clean, we use special tools to ensure that all allergens are properly removed and that your indoor areas are ready to be inhabited. We start by dusting the entire area and then use sanitizing solutions. Your property will be in perfect operating condition after we are done!

Your Building Will Be In Perfect Operating Condition

Remove Every Speck of Dust

Ensure your indoor areas are completely clean before you move in! Fine dust can cause health issues, especially allergies, and our team has the necessary tools to get rid of it. Our post-construction cleaning services will allow you to start fresh in your new property in Steamboat Springs, CO. Schedule an appointment today and enjoy spending time in completely sanitized rooms. Our staff members are available for you 24 hours during weekdays.

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